Laundry Town Canada is an essential business and as a result, we are open with modified hours during this difficult time. Our new operating hours are Monday-Sunday 7:30 AM-9 PM. The last customer will be able to enter at 7:30 PM and all customers must leave premises by 9 PM SHARP. We are being diligent and having our staff disinfect and wipe down all our equipment several times a day and ask that you do not wait for your loads to finish in-store but rather come back when they are expected to be complete. We also encourage all patrons to fold their laundry at their homes to minimize your exposure to other individuals in the store. Please contact us if you have any questions. We hope you all stay safe and healthy during this very difficult time.

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Corporate Clients


Custom laundry solutions

We offer a wide range of laundry services for different industries. You name it, we wash it!

Convenient pick-Up + delivery service

Just give your laundry to us and we'll go the extra mile! We'll deliver right to your door!

Next day Laundry service

Running on a tight schedule? We'll have your laundry clean and ready for you the next day!

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Industries we work with:


Salon & Spa


What we Do:

We offer wash & fold laundry service for salons, spas, and therapeutic clinics for items such as:

  • sheets (bed, massage table, etc.)
  • face and hand towels
  • face cradle
  • blankets
  • scrubs
  • smocks
  • aprons

Hotel & Condo

What we Do:

We offer wash & fold laundry service for hotels, resorts, motels, lodging & condominium managers with guest suites for items such as:

  • bedding (sheets, comforters, pillows, etc.)
  • washroom (towels, mats, etc.)
  • uniforms and apparel
  • restaurant, dining and banquet hall linens
  • personal laundry for guests

Gym & Health Club

What we Do:

We offer wash & fold laundry service for gyms, health clubs and fitness facilities for items such as:

  • face and body towels
  • uniforms
  • personal laundry for members

Day Care & Nursery

What we Do:

We offer wash & fold laundry service for daycare & nursery schools for items such as:

  • bed, floor change table sheets and covers
  • face and body towels
  • face and body wipes and cloths
  • bedding
  • cloth bibs
  • baby clothes

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Hours of Operation

Monday-Sunday 7:30am-9pm

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